Sunday, September 28, 2008

What the deuce?

The Bell Rings!

The candidates debated last Friday night. Senators McCain and Obama faced off in Oxford, Mississippi, to debate national security and the financial crisis; and, they did just that.

It was boring.

No name-calling. No lost tempers. No fireworks of any kind.

Some folks said that McCain won; and, others, that Obama won. No one really cared, though. Certainly not The Lifeguard, who is one bad-ass political junkie.

Both candidates staked out their middle ground, ignoring the reality of the 2008 election. In order to win, McCain and Obama need their base; and, with all of the love on that stage, no one got the red meat that they wanted.

Fortunately, Senator Biden and Governor Palin go toe-to-toe on October 2d. This will be the debate to watch for several reasons.

First, both Governor Palin and Senator Biden are far more qualified to be POTUS than either of the Presidential candidates.

Second, the Vice Presidential candidates are usually more free to go for the throat, which equals better theatre. I will not be surprised to see Senator Biden and Governor Palin duking it out, oratorially, when the formalities are out of the way. I expect at least some mean-spirited name-calling, with a dash of hyperbole thrown in for good measure.

Finally, since Governor Palin is viewed as just another pretty face; and, Senator Biden as an arrogant ass, they will be playing out of their heads, trying to show just how tough and smart they each are.

Let the games begin!

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