Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thoreau would be pissed.

A Beautiful Fall Day In New England...
and a drive to Walden Pond, to commune with nature. Unfortunately, there is a five ($5.00) dollar tariff to park at Walden Pond. And, I hate to pay for parking. Anywhere.

So, I came home and settled in for the night, tuning my television to ESPN2 (The Dos) to watch my beloved Demon Deacons play the Florida State Seminoles, live from Doak Campbell Stadium. And, while I was happy that the Deacs forced seven (count 'em, seven) turnovers, won 12-3, and proved my point that Coach Bobby Bowden is about seven years past his coaching prime, I was as pissed about the announcers as I was about the parking situation at Walden effing Pond.

Bob Davie and Mark Jones, The Duo's crack announcing team, spent the better part of the game telling America just how swell Florida State's football team was. They fawned over Bobby Bowden, Mickey Andrews, and anyone else with a Florida State shirt (and a penis).

They talked about the great Seminole talents. The ones with made-up names like D'Vontrey (Richardson), Taiwan (Easterling), and Seddrick (Holloway). They talked about the coaches, and how Florida State was never out of the game. They did everything but blow Bobby Bowden. (Well, maybe after the game; but, not during.)

Now, if they had mentioned the other Florida State talent--the cheerleaders and the co-eds--I might have given them a pass; but...

Which reminds me of the time that I found myself at Florida State, doing some research in the FSU Law Library. It got late, I went for dinner and a beer at a local establishment, and ended up pulling an all-nighter with a FSU student named Alison (who was really worried about me driving after a few drinks, and thought that I would be a lot safer in her bed).

But, hey, the Deacs won. And Alison? She's just a fond memory.

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Dawne said...

It seems that Henry David and I,not only share a love of New England, but a birthday as well.

Funny thing, I had a customer by the name of Walden , give me their email address last week, waldenpond.....

I could not, at the moment remember why it was so familiar.