Sunday, September 07, 2008

There is a difference...

The Glosta Girls Give A Shout Out To Bristol Palin!

The difference between Bristol Palin (and the Republicans) and that " unwed teenager from the inner city..." (and the Democrats) is not latent racism, or hypocrisy, or a double standard.

The difference is that Bristol Palin has a loving family that supports her (not a welfare check). Also, she knows the father of her child (unlike many young girls that play Russian Roulette with a loaded cock); and, she is going to marry him and finish high school.

The difference is that the black unwed teenager from the inner city will probably remain unwed, will probably have more children, and will probably not get an education.

Republicans--generally speaking--love the sinner (but hate the sin). Her family (and the Republican Party) understand that kids have sex, and that sex (often) leads to pregnancy. They also understand the following:

a) Men hate to wear condoms;
b) Not wearing a condom during sex greatly increases the risk of pregnancy;
c) Abstinence (i.e., avoiding sex) decreases the risk of pregnancy; because,
d) Men hate to wear condoms.

Should Bristol Palin have been more careful? Yes.

But, maybe some good will come of this. Maybe some girls will see that there is some public humiliation to getting pregnant. Maybe some boys will see that they have to take responsibility for their actions. And, maybe, everyone will just leave Bristol Palin alone.

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