Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Evil Empire Rising...

Much to my chagrin, the Boston Red Sox have begun the so-called "Summer Swoon." The Yankees, on the other hand, are charging ahead, hoping to repeat the Summer of '78, when the aforementioned Evil Ones came back from 14 down (as of 29 years and 2 days ago) to win the AL East in a one-game tie-breaker.

As we citizens of Red Sox Nation know, Bucky Fucking Dent (.247/.297/.321), a man who only hit 40 home runs in 12 MLB seasons, hit a 310 foot shot (off of Mike Torrez) to give the Yankees a one-run lead. Of course, the assbags went on to win the game, 5-4.

The Yankees won the 1978 World Series, and ensured that the initials BFD would stand for something other than Big Fucking Deal.

So, tonight, the Sox lost to Kansas City, 9-3; and, the Yankees benefited from a Toronto pitching disaster of Mike Torrez proportions, grabbing the 3-2 win from the Blow Jays, in 10 innings.

The Yankees close to within 8 games, and Red Sox Nation despairs.


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