Monday, January 21, 2013

The Lifeguard Has A Dream...

And MLK Would Be Proud!
The Lifeguard (and his intern, Anzu) longs for the day when all ice is judged, not by its color, but by its slipperiness.

Therefore, on this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, The Lifeguard encourages all of y'all to contact your representatives and ask, nay, implore them to pass legislation removing the term "black ice" from the lexicon.

The term, "black ice" implies that something black is worse than something white.  (There isn't, after all, any Puerto Rican ice.)  The term "sheer ice" would be just as descriptive, without bringing race into the mix, and it would be far less offensive to the seven people who get worked up by the use of...well...language.

You know, words like "blacklist," "compound," "Paddy wagon," and "Indian giver."

So, when you next hear someone talk about "black ice," make sure you call them on it.  Tell them it's a racist expression that has no place in this century.  (And remember, The Lifeguard and Anzu are working diligently to make the world a happier place.)

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