Friday, December 02, 2011


The Lifeguard has spent a lot of time saving the world; or, at the very least, trying.

Last night, The Lifeguard was chatting with a beautiful young woman, who surprisingly had two tattoos.  One was on her wrist and the other was on her inner thigh.  (Don't ask how The Lifeguard knows about that one.)  Now, The Lifeguard is not a fan of tattoos, especially on women; however, they were always useful tools to verify a girl's age.  (They've gotta be eighteen to get a tattoo.)

So, we began discussing the tattoo on her wrist--the one that said, "Angel."  She intimated that it was, ", sarcasm."  As to the other tattoo, The Lifeguard was amused at the design, and started to closely examine the artwork.  (Again, don't ask.)

Angel:  "Can you believe I had to get a fake ID so that I could get these tattoos?"

Lifeguard:  "Huh?"

Angel:  "Like, I had to get a fake ID when I was in Miami, know...Spring Break last spring.  Like, can you believe that you have to be eighteen to get a tattoo?  It's"

Lifeguard:  "Huh?"

Angel:  "I mean, all of my friends were getting them, and I wasn' to wait until I"

Lifeguard:  "Huh?"

Angel:  "I didn't want to more years."

At which point, The Lifeguard left, longing for the days when girls got fake IDs to buy booze, not to get tattoos.

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