Wednesday, October 26, 2011

For Once...

The Lifeguard Agrees
Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan believes that the United States screwed the pooch relative to Libya.

With the involvement of NATO (and the United States), a power vacuum has been created in the oil-rich North African country, and we are without a reliable means of salvaging anything good out of the morass.

Sure, Colonel Qaddafi was a murderous dictator; but, there needed to be closure.  His murder, at the hands of a rebel fighter does little to enhance America's standing in this nation.  There was no justice, as in the case of Saddam Hussein (who received a trial before his execution); and, there will certainly be some backlash as the video of his death becomes the latest YouTube sensation.

Even Amnesty International was aghast at the treatment received by Colonel Qaddafi.  (You know things are a mess when The Lifeguard, Louis Farrakhan, and Amnesty International are all on the same page.)  News that Qaddafi was sodomised with a knife demonstrates, with greater clarity, the type of people who will fill the leadership in Libya.

Sure, "God is great"; but, doesn't it make one wonder what kind of god accepts this kind of praise?  Doesn't it make one wonder about a god who's law--Sharia--tolerates mistreatment of women and other religions?

The Lifeguard notes that while Qaddafi was a cruel and vicious despot, he was entitled to the kinds of protections that the Geneva Convention mandates--and which the Coalition forces gave to Saddam Hussein.  (The shooting of Osama bin Laden does not fall in the same category--in the event that you believe that The Lifeguard is being inconsistent--since he was not the recognised head of a government.)

So, as Libya moves from an uneasy stability to what will, no doubt, become a violent civil war, The Lifeguard thanks President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ("We came, we saw, he died.") for creating one more hot spot in a world that is moved by religious fanaticism and hatred for Western values.

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