Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Audacity of the Dope...

No Wonder She Shops At Target
If The Lifeguard had charged the American people over $425,000.00 (for airfare) to travel to Africa, he'd shop at Target too.  (Actually, The Lifeguard wouldn't shop at Target.  Instead, he'd purchase his safari-wear at Orvis or Cabela's.)

Not only did the First Lady--who has incredibly toned arms--take her mother, a niece and nephew, and her two daughters (who were listed on the flight manifest as "senior staff") on this Dark Continent boondoggle, she managed to take in a safari and meet Nelson Mandela, too.   All at a time when the US economy is struggling and millions remain unemployed (or underemployed).  At the very least, she could have flown commercial, chartered a jet, or simply stayed at home.

The Lifeguard reckons that the guilt of having given the American people the finger may have evoked some guilt in the First Lady, thus prompting her to shop at Target.

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