Thursday, March 26, 2009

Politically Incorrect?

I Was Passing The Vending Machine Today...
and I couldn't help but wonder if the package of Ho Hos might offend someone.

I thought of other things, too...

Like my friend from California who suggested that we go out and "...shoot some chink."*

If you talk about a "chink in the armour," have you offended one billion people?

Or, if your child is a "dago" at the local prep school, have you offended Italians everywhere?

My friend S. once called K-Mart and asked if they had any "jiggers." The clerk was absolutely bugfuck crazy with rage, accusing him of being a racist. The situation wasn't helped when he asked if, perhaps, he should call them "jegroes."

I know that the term "Paddy Wagon" gets a visceral reaction from many; but, what about "Black Maria"? (I once had a judge remind counsel, at sidebar, that "...since there are no Nigger Wagons and no Spic Wagons, there will be no Paddy Wagons.")

If you have a "Guinea Pump" (or, own a Guinea Pig, for that matter) have you pissed off the Italians once more?

What about getting your house "spic and span"? Or, using Spic And Span?

If you live in Seattle (or better, Provincetown), and say that you want to "take the ferry," have you offended those who have embraced an alternate lifestyle? Do they think that the ferry boats constitute their very own navy?

Maybe we should all just have a drink...and get along.

*Play basketball. The expression, "shoot some chink" apparently comes from the chain nets that were on the hoops at the playground.

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