Saturday, April 12, 2008

How big is it?

Hillary!'s Ass (And My Ego) Are This Big...

Notwithstanding that, Hillary! is hanging on for dear life, watching her lead in Pennsylvania shrink; watching her lead over Senator J. Sidney McCain shrink; watching her fund raising machine sputter.

The only thing keeping her around (aside from her husband's ego and her sense of entitlement) is the fact that Senator B. Hussein Obama is running a campaign that is (right now) so inept and devoid of substance that he is sliding in the polls. (Thank you, Reverend Wright.)

But, at least the media are starting to examine the Holy One; and, Hillary! continues to battle, so the fun will continue.

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The Lifeguard said...

Hillary! wins Pennsylvania by ten points. In any other universe, that is an ass-whipping.

But, in the media, that is a narrow defeat for the anointed one.

Forty down, ten (or so) to go.