Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Travel Sucks Already

"I'm From The Government 
And I'm Here To Help."

In a shocking development, we learn that the TSA lets something like 95% of all guns and explosives through security. So, after billions of dollars (and more than a few sexual assaults), we are left with an entity that is worse at doing its job than the United States Postal Service and Congress. (And, that's saying something.)

In fact, it could be argued that TSA screenings do nothing to make the traveling public safer. (It seems, however, that TSA agents have been able to make a few bucks by ripping off passengers, so perhaps it washes out in the end.)

The biggest surprise, however, is that the incompetent boob in charge of the TSA, Melvin Carraway, is merely being reassigned. Seriously, if Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security were at all concerned with...well...Homeland Security, he would have fired Carraway. Maybe shamed him. Humiliated him in front of the cameras.

Frankly, a guy who has as much time in law enforcement as Melvin Carraway should be more about accountability; however, that may have been impossible at the TSA, where there is so much dysfunction that perhaps everyone should be assigned...to the Post Office.

The Lifeguard has had his share of bad experiences with the TSA, ranging from the confiscation of a very scary knife (after having traveled with it for over a year) to a pat down that ended with a shared cigarette and a cuddle. 

But, since we are so concerned with political correctness and making people feel good, we have taken a wrong-headed approach to security which has done everything but make us safer.

Fortunately, the HMIC (Head Moron In Charge) has at least been removed. Now, if only we could get rid of the rest of them.

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