Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Remember, they shot the filly...

Hillary! Wins South Dakota, Loses Montana...
And, The Nomination

In the electoral equivalent of a giant hugfest, the Democrat Party (narrowly) selected the barely qualified Senator from Illinois, B. Hussein Obama, to be its nominee for the 2008 Presidential contest.

Senator Obama, speaking in Minnesota, expressed the need for change...and for unity. And, given the tenor of the primary campaign over the last few months, unity would be a change. A change from the sniping, fighting, and angst that must accompany any Democrat campaign.

He spoke of an end to Republican policies that have made the rich richer; and, the poor...fucking destitute. A need for energy policy ('though the Democrat party has stood in the way of drilling in ANWR, off of the Florida and California coasts, and from opening a nuclear storage facility in Yucca Mountain, Nevada). A need for universal health care ('though no one has explained how to get Americans to accept the almost certain rationing that will come with health care for everyone). A need to get out of Iraq, since fighting the terrorists abroad does nothing for security at home ('though he didn't say how Americans, without universal health care, will adjust to having guys named "Hussein" blowing shit up right here on Main Street, U.S.A.). A need to avoid references to religion and patriotism ('though, frankly, some of us are still clinging to our faith...and our guns).

The fact of the matter is, Senator Obama has accomplished something amazing. He is (probably) the least qualified Presidential candidate (of any race or sex) to come along since Dewey beat Truman (almost).

So, as the 2008 campaign begins in earnest, let's not forget...


The woman who has gained a greater percentage of the popular vote, and who has won the most important states.

The woman who never says its over unless she sings...

And, from where The Lifeguard sits, the Fat Lady isn't quite ready to sing.

So, over the next few days, we will sit, watch, and wait. Really, just because B. Hussein Obama says it's over doesn't mean it is over.

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbour? No!

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