Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thanks, Chris!


Columbus Day is, last I checked, a Federal Holiday.

That should mean that the kids get to stay home from school (so as to celebrate the discovery of the New World). Banks and government offices are closed (so the workers can remember the drive and determination that helped Columbus make it across the Atlantic). Some Americans (of Italian descent) have a parade.

But, in Princeton, New Jersey (where they take a day off for both Yom Kippur and Martin Luther King Day), the kids go to school.

Now, if I thought for a second that tomorrow would be spent learning solely about Christopher Columbus, I would be fine with the kids going to school.

Unfortunately, I am pretty sure that tomorrow will be spent celebrating diversity (as manifested by the Obama campaign), studying sex education (and how to sheath a banana in a condom), and not learning math and history.

Well, they can all go eff themselves. I am going to raise a glass to good ol' Chris, that magnificent Guinea bastard.

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