Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Hillary! Wins Big In West By God Virginia

No one cares.

Mainly, because West Virginia is too white, too poor, and too stupid to be enlightened enough to vote for someone as worldly and wise as Senator B. Hussein Obama.

Hell, West Virgina's senior senator used to be in the Ku Klux Klan.

And, after all, who needs the white vote?

Oh, wait. Anyone who hopes to win the Presidency.

What everyone seems to have forgotten is this: Empirically, white folk (especially blue collar white folk) turn out come November. Regardless of whether they are Democrats or Republicans, they vote. They realise that their vote counts; and, that their vote may just be the one that holds the line (whatever that line may be).

In my experience, the only group more fervent in their turnout are Cuban-Americans.

On the other hand, Senator Obama's core constituency--blacks, young people, and guilt-addled white liberals--tend to stay away from the polls in November.

So, though Hillary! trails in delegates and Super Delegates, she is not out of the race. Unlike Eight Belles, this is one filly who will stay in the fight; and, who still has a credible chance of being the nominee.

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